Default Printer Options get reset every time

So I use Manjaro with KDE and so far the printer works fine.

Only one Issue.

Under Printers->Configure Printer->Printer Options

I set Media Size from Letter to A4 and click Apply.

However every time I open the window again it is back to letter.

This is very annoying because in every print I do I manually have to switch from letter to A4.

So what can I do?

Solved the Issue after restart of the OS the A4 setting shows up. Looks like a bug in the window that only after restart it refreshed…

Thanks for that. I ran into the same annoyance. It seems KDE/plasma likes to be restarted after changes of other options too.

Yes I think it is clearly a bug in the widget that it does not show the new data from apply. Should maybe open a bug report for that.

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