I’ve accidentally overwrote my PATH, MANPATH and INFOPATH variables with

export PATH=...

and forgot to append :$PATH in the end.
Did the same for MANPATH and INFOPATH.

Is there a way to revert to previous states or “load” default values?


HOW (exactly) did you do this?
What file did you alter - if any?

If you know what you altered - simply correct it.
If you don’t know …
but you should know what you did - and perhaps why …

statements like that are not permanent - if you do not put them in a file that is read by the shell or otherwise executed on login

HOW (exactly) did you do this?

As mentioned above, I ran export PATH=/path/i/wanted/to/add for the PATH, INFOPATH and MANPATH variables.
They got replaced instead of extended with /path/i/wanted/to/add, since I forgot to append the original paths (:$PATH, :$MANPATH, :$INFOPATH).

What file did you alter - if any?

Afaik, I did not alter any files.

in that case:
nothing happened

log out, log in and be done with it

you can check with:
for example

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Should also be reset by restarting your terminal application.

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It seemed worse than it actually was :sweat_smile:

Thanks y’all o/

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