Default Manjaro Theme gone after Upgrade to Gnome 45?

Hi There,
After upgrading to Gnome 45 I now have the vanilla color scheme of Gnome and not the customized green color of Manjaro before 45. Is there a way to get back to the standard Manjaro theme?


All themes made for Gnome versions prior to Gnome 45 are no longer valid. If you had a custom theme, that will no longer be compatible with Gnome 45. In any case, uninstall and remove any previous themes and install a new one only if it exists in the official repo’s (not the AUR; not a flatpak; not an appimage).

All themes in the official repo’s are compatible with Gnome 45+.

I hope this helps. Cheers.

In the Extensions application, set the Accent Color to Maia and enable all theming options in the Custom Accent Colors settings.

In the Tweaks application, set the Shell theme to Custom Accent Colors under Appearance.

You may need to logout / login for changes to take effect.


Hi @soundofthunder

I only use the default theme from Manjaro, I have not installed any extra theme.

Hi @Yochanan
This has worked in the system so far, thanks! but in the login screen it is still on Vanilla.

I’ve already checked if you can change the login screen with the GDM Settings tool, but I can’t change the color there.

In future updates will it be set as default?

Oh, forgot to mention the change that caused that.

We had a custom package called gnome-shell-maia that changed the accent color of the user button on the login screen, however it ended up causing more problems that it solved. Namely, one could not change the GNOME Shell theme accent color to any other color with it installed.

It has been for quite some time now on a fresh install, however one must manually change settings to match on an existing system.

We could create some tool or function to do that for the user in one click. As we also had a tool which resets to vanilla defaults …

Ah okay, so is it intentional that the package is no longer used?

Is there another way to adjust the color in the login?


❯ pacman -Si gnome-shell-maia | grep Description
Description     : Dummy transition package

Unfortunately, no.

so, i found this on the Manjaro Subredit and with the AUR theme i was able to fix my issue :slight_smile:

What theme? GDM Settings is neither a theme nor can change the GDM theme. I asked the developer directly and he said as much.

Either way, your “solution” does not help anyone as it was very vague. Please be more specific so others searching the internet in the future will find your topic useful.

sorry, i missread it, the package is called “arc-themes-maia” and is part of the official Manjaro Repo: GitHub - jnsh/arc-theme: A flat theme with transparent elements (actively maintained fork)

you’re right, it is not a good solution, more like a workaround and not a good one :confused:

really annoying

so, i found a better shell theme that is possible to apply via gdm-settings to get the green back:

this theme also supports Gnome 45

this works for me, so everyone else: do it on your own risk!

FYI, that’s a modified version of arc-gtk-theme by @Ste74 and has never been the default theme for any of our Manjaro editions.

Unfortunately, no. In this case, the Arc Theme has neither been updated for recent GNOME nor Cinnamon versions.

Then the original blurb was misleading; though, I suppose it’s easy enough to miss one or two.

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