"Default keyring" et Brave

À chaque fois, Brave me demande d’enregistrer un mot de passe pour accéder au navigateur, ce que je laisse vide à chaque fois, mais il y a pas une solution pour le désactiver totalement ?

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Please excuse me for replying in English. Unfortunately, my knowledge of French is purely passive and is not sufficient for active use of the language.

Since Brave is a Chromium based web browser, I assume that the same is true for Brave as for Chromium. I myself use Google Chrome as a secondary browser, and the same applies to that as well. Chromium uses a password store to store your passwords and the Chromium Safe Storage key, which is used to encrypt cookie values. Under Xfce the GNOME Keyring is used for this. So you should think twice if you really want to remove or disable it.

I recommend setting a password for the GNOME Keyring. After all, you only need to enter it once for each session.

:link: Chromium - ArchWiki

Salut donc soit tu supprimes gnome-keyring ou kwalet