Default font in Konsole / Yakuake does not fully support zsh+powerlevel10k (which are the defaults)

Reporting this is essentially a duplicate of (Manjaro forum)/zsh-default-powerline-font-glyph-display-issue/60483 but I am reporting it to request that an additional package by part of the default installation, rather than seeking support for the issue (as installing that package is the solution).

I would like to suggest that as long as Manjaro KDE Plasma is shipping zsh + powerlevel10k as the default shell in Konsole / Yakuake, then they should install ttf-meslo-nerd-font-powerlevel10k and set the Konsole and Yakuake profiles to use the Meslo font to prevent any issues.

This would address these font related issues that get reported to powerlevel10k when it’s actually a font issue:
powerlevel10k github issue 1879
powerlevel10k github issue 1227

This is even noted in the powerlevel10k (#meslo-nerd-font-patched-for-powerlevel10k)

However I and it seems others keep making the mistake that since all the symbols appear as expected when using p10k configure that this means the default font works fine, when it doesn’t, so when we go looking for help we fail to initially look in the right place.

Installing the necessary font by default and using it by default would save those of us who notice this issue (the default powerlevel10k configuration won’t encounter it, but anyone who customizes it may) from running into it and the hassle of figuring out the actual solution.

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