Default .config/sway/config

I accidentally overwrote my .config/sway/config with an empty file.
I tried to copy the example from /etc/sway/config over, but it seems it’s not the same file.

I got following errors/problems

  • error that line 4 position $waybar_position in /etc/sway/config/config.d/96-waybar-config.conf is invalid
  • My bindsym mod+d $menu does not work anymore
  • Theme is not working anymore

I guess that all these variables got lost, but I don’t know how I can re-create them or get an original file.
I checked in the original image, but there I could not find any ~/.config file.

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You should normally be able to find one in /etc/skel/.config/sway.

The initial config for the sway edition (if you use the community version) is here: if not in /etc/skel/

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Ah, it’s a hidden directory. I was looking into /etc/skel and thought it was empty.
Works again, thank you

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