Default browser is vivaldi, links opened in Firefox


I’m using vivaldi and it is set as default both in browser settings and system settings default applications. Yet, when clicking links in Pamac package manager they are opened in Firefox. What to do?


I’m not a KDE user, so I’m not sure if this is going to work under KDE.

Open a terminal window and give these two commands a try:

xdg-mime default vivaldi-stable.desktop x-scheme-handler/https


xdg-mime default vivaldi-stable.desktop x-scheme-handler/http

Hope that helps!

Try a restart and see if that corrects the issue before messing with terminal commands. I’ve noticed that when switching the default browser it can take a little bit before it actually works.,

Check the entries in ~/.config/mimeappslist.

Replace the Firefox related ones with Vivaldi’s.

It won’t be just Vivaldi but something like vivaldi-browser by the way.

That worked great! Thanks a lot.

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