Default apps in ISO

Is somewhere the list of default apps included in ISO? E.g. GNOME Disks or appropriate GUI partition manager for other desktops (e.g. KDE Partition Manager in KDE) would be appreciated to be included in ISO-files. GNOME Disks allows also mount, unmount partitions. Also GParted would be appreciated in addition of GNOME Disks. At least in Ubuntu, Linux Mint, the GNOME Disk, GParted are included regardless of desktop environment as it has low dependency requirements. But we need a tool to manage disks, when booting from ISO. Currently I have to use Ubuntu, Linux Mint…

Also Boot-Repair, which is included in Ubuntu and its derivates. Seems like it doesn’t exist in Manjaro :frowning:


KDE Partition Manager IS included in the KDE ISO:

and GParted is included in xfce and cinnamon for example:

So, on what ISO you are missing a partition application with GUI?

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Boot Repair will not work with Manjaro’s highly customized GRUB IIRC

Thank you! Was not sure, on which folder in GitLab are the Live ISO packages are listed. Just tested with KDE live ISO and KDE Partition Manager was really there. Seems like GNOME Disks ( gnome-disk-utility) exist in GNOME desktop. Only in XFCE it is questionable, whether the GParted is enough or not. E.g. also in case of encrypted volumes mounting. Having experience only with GNOME Disks, which handles LUKS1, LUKS2 volumes smoothly. I hope, KDE Partition Manager does the same. Possibly default file manager is capable to automatically handle encrypted volumes and ask password, when needed.

When you set up your network connection from the live ISO boot you always can install additional packages if needed. When packaging a distro you must make some compromises and focus on demand of majority. :wink:

I see. Although I don’t see that Manjaro’s GRUB is more complicated than in Ubuntu, Linux Mint. Boot-Repair is capable to restore both BIOS/MBR and UEFI/GPT systems. Found one manual CLI-based tutorial, although there are quite few commands. Yet another thread I’ve found. Just wondered if there exist any kind of GUI tool (like in Ubuntu, Linux Mint) for GRUB restoring as Manjaro tries to be meant for end-users.

Yes, that’s true but just quite annoying to install every time additional packages, also possible updates might be required. Anyway, thanks for responding.

Just tested all official Manjaro ISOs and looks like only missing part is XFCE as it has GParted only by default, which is not capable to create encrypted volumes, although GParted can detect and read LUKS. Anyway, then we have to install GNOME Disks, which is GTK-based and doesn’t have much dependencies and exist in Manjaro repository.

Other distributions do not have GRUB option for free/non-free drivers

The github gist you linked to is very dated, but the comment from 21 Oct 2020 explains how to use manjaro-chroot

  • Boot into Manjaro installer
  • Open terminal
  • sudo manjaro-chroot -a (and select system to mount)
  • grub-install /dev/sda (it’s sda for me; make sure you choose the right drive!)
  • grub-install --recheck /dev/sda
  • update-grub
  • exit
  • reboot