Deepin-menu issue

Hi all

I’ve installed Deepin to discover this DE i absolutely don’t know
First problem the launcher menu has no effect, when i try to launch it in console here the return:

[bozzoh@bozzoh Bureau]$ deepin-menu
No appenders assotiated with category qt.qpa.xcb
[Warning] <> QXcbConnection: XCB error: 5 (BadAtom), sequence: 391, resource id: 0, major code: 20 (GetProperty), minor code: 0

What does it mean?

Maybe it means deepin is still broken. Which I believe is its natural state. :laughing:

Thank you for your answer, the very first steps are bad omen

Yeah, Arch Deepin seems pretty broken at the moment. It’s such a shame, as the official Deepin distro is now in a decent state.

I downloaded the Manjaro deepin-iso and installed it on virtualbox. No problem whatsoever. Darned fast and nice :slight_smile: As I am no fan of vindow managers, I disabled and stopped lightdm.service and uninstalled lightdm. I also edited grub and deleted the ‘quiet’ option and changed TTYVTDisallocate to no in /etc/systemd/system/ Now I use startx to fire up deepin.

But on archlinux it just did not work and there was a significant delay in loading sound and network and the desktop was unresponsive until it was done. So I uninstalled all of deepin and manually removed all reference to it – wallpapers, icons etc. Then I installed kde-plasma in ArchLinux, which runs with no problems.