Deepin 17 will NOT upgrade!

now… I have installed Manjaro Deepin version 17. It’s Slick and Awesome! I do LOVE it. ha

One issue. I can NOT update / upgrade anything.

The Software Updater will not work. It says it can’t find anything.

I have Google about it. I have tried to update with Command Lines with “pacman” and the terminal says it can’t find anything.

I have …, like …over 900 things to be update / upgrade ha ha

I have added this Screenfetch text with the information.

Thanks !
Please Help ! LOL

[christian@christian-pc —]$ screenfetch
[christian@christian-pc —]$
christian@christian-pc OS: Manjaro 17.1.4 Hakoila Kernel: x8664 Linux 4.14.16-1-MANJARO Uptime: 35m Packages: 966 Shell: bash 4.4.12 Resolution: 1920x1080 DE: Deepin 15.5 WM: Deepin WM WM Theme: deepin GTK Theme: deepin [GTK2/3] Icon Theme: Compass CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K @ 8x 4.4GHz [27.8°C] GPU: Mesa DRI Intel® Haswell Desktop RAM: 1099MiB / 32008MiB
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Please always provide the full command you used and the output. That way we know for sure what we deal with.
Usually, if you deal with outdated mirrors, you can invoke:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

If you manually edited /etc/pacman.conf then you might have introduced some typo/error. hence the repository list is not working …

Other explanation is that your system is up to date. :slight_smile:

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Thanks …but … I have done all this LOL

The mirrors won’t update by an error. The Keyring won’t update by an error.

All my experience is with Ubuntu and elementary…but I know how to fix things ha ha

I am kinda new with Arch but Manjaro has the Koolest and Safety version of Deepin OS, out there.

but with manually ? I will mess up things ha ha

can I get Manjaro Deepin version 18, somewhere … instead ?

There is some test builds on OSDN.

From what I have been reading of Deepin on Manjaro it is not very stable.

You can find unstable builds on Downloading File /deepin - Manjarolinux Community - OSDN with the package set of 2021-01-17 using kernel 5.10.

Thanks… I will try it out.

I’ll let you know.

…sorry guys…I had to deleted and installed the real DEEPIN OS ha

I gonna wait for Manjaro to have the stable version.

Thanks !