Decrease brightness in grub menu(boot menu)

Hii Everyone! Hope you guys are doing great in this new normal.

I want to change this grub menu/boot menu brightness.
While opening the laptop(Lenovo IdeaPad y700) at night, it opens with maximum brightness, and it hurts my eyes. I am using manjaro KDE.

Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you for your time…

You could maybe try adding acpi_backlight=vendor to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT entry in /etc/default/grub . See Kernel Parameters at for details of options available. The vendor option defaults to the vendor-specific driver instead of the video.ko driver, which works for my Acer laptop.

Edit to mention you will need to sudo update-grub after any changes made to the config file.

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Thank you for replying… I did as you said but it didn’t work…

Those are kernel parameters and therefore only ever influence behaviour during/after the kernel has booted - not before.
It sure is annoying to see grub menu on full brightness but if there is a possibility to change that Iwas too lazy to research it - I only boot once per day :man_shrugging:

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Apologies, I had misinterpreted the question and thought the original post was regarding issues being able to change screen brightness in the KDE desktop environment. I don’t know of any parameter for changing the grub menu brightness. A (sub-optimal) workaround might be to change your grub theme to one with darker colours?

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Hi. Maybe another workaround would be to hide grub menu completely.

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