Debugging with a specific external terminal on vsc

I’m going to make it simple, here is a screenshot of debbuging an “hello world” program with visual studio code.

everything goes well and an external terminal is launched as specified in the launch.json file :

But i’m actually using another terminal interpreter : “xfce4-terminal” which i already configured. The following picture shows “gnome-terminal” on the right and “xfce4-terminal” on the left, side by side :

Here’s my problem, i want to debug with xfce4-terminal and not gnome-terminal.
So i swapped the value in the terminal settings of vsc but whenever i try again to debug the program, the debbugger hangs and nothing happens… which is not the case with gnome-terminal.
Peek 08-10-2023 21-37

any ideas on how to fix it ?