Dead Graphics card? Cant boot from hard drive or usb live media

Yesterday everything was working.
Last night we had severe electrical storms so after shutting down normally, I also switched off the main power on my case. This morning when I tried booting up, I get past the BIOS boot, then my monitor shuts down with a check cable message.

I connected monitor to my laptop, no problems there.
I have tried 3 live USBs, (the new one, a 23 and a 21) all either stop at loading graphical interface or get to the welcome to Manjaro screen briefly, then my monitor shuts down with a no connection, check cable warning.

My hardware is AMD Ryzen 5600x with a asus radeon 6600xt graphics card, all of which worked fine until today.

I don’t have a backup card to work with, I do have a laptop if it is possible to use it to explore my PC? If wasn’t set up for that prior to this problem.

Any help or even opinions or speculation would be greatly appreciated.

Edit I also tried switching the card to the other motherboard slot reconnecting the cables on both ends, this made no difference. Also, we never did get a power outage or surge.

well, if this gpu doesn’t work on a second system the gpu might be really dead. there was a lightning struck nearby ?

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There was a lot of lightning but nothing close, power grid fluctuations that I saw. I dont have another pc to try to connect my graphics card. Is there another way to test that? (it was tested on the second available slot on the same motherboard)

It may also be the power supply — an incorrect voltage going to the GPU PCIe slots.

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and what if it’s really just a loosen connection by mistake at shutting down ? shut down the pc, unplug and replug all cables to verify it isn’t such a simple mistake.


Thanks–I am going to try reconnecting the gpu to a different available spot on the power supply

I did reconnect all the relevant cables, sorry I forgot to say that. Going to try again though right now.

Unfortunately reseating all the cables and changing the location of the gpu cable on the power supply did not make a difference.

In that case, I’m afraid that…

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I was afraid of that. But do you have any idea why I card would die without warning (no artifacting, no overheating, working well on games etc?)

do you know someone in your live-community were you can test the device. it isn’t said that the gpu is dead, it can be any hardware-device that might be broken and
btw.: can you enter the bios ? is the bios displayed ?

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Yes I can get into BIOS.
I dont see anything relating to my graphics card on it. Where should I look?

No, I’m afraid I cannot offer any real explanation. Maybe it’s a bad capacitor or something. With today’s degree of miniaturization, not only is it hard to tell, but there’s also an increase in vulnerability of the components. :man_shrugging:

so if the bios is displayed (!) then the gpu is working ! there is no half dead or half living gpu !
it must be something else.


OK well that is good news (I hope) what can I try?

Well, according to Niels Bohr, it’s both dead and alive until… No, wait… :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, and then it points at the power supply again. Maybe the boot process demands too much energy from the PSU, and it cannot provide the voltage anymore required to bring up the higher resolution mode of the GPU. :thinking:


i have no information of your system, but a good starting point is to unplug all additional devices to a minimum. only mainboard, gpu, harddrive, just a minimilistic system and try to boot this from a live-usb.


Really dont have much but I’ll try to get rid of what I can.

It actually is possible that a video card is “half dead” and only crash when you put some load on it. Same for the power supply or actually any electronics. It can seem to work, until you demand more than when it works fine.

Simple troubleshooting as pointed is to test GPU and PSU on another system, and/or/while testing another PSU and GPU on your system (not at same time, each component changed one by one for testing not all at same time).

Need IRL resource then, not a forum.


Minimal loading did not change anyting.
Alas, I have no other pc available, so I guess I will have to try to replace them one by one on my system. Thank you all for your help in ruling out some easy tweak to the bootloader as a solution!