Deactivate push notification for package updates

Hello there,
This might be a minor thing but it still annoys me extremely. I have never found out how I can deactivate gnome from showing me push notifications from the package manager, like these:

One would think this is a standard thing so I checked the Internet and also the notification tab of the gnome settings but did not find anything.

Does somebody know a trick to deactivate it, either via terminal or in fact in the UI somewhere?

Thanks in advance

They’re not push notifications. It’s part of the pamac-gnome-integration package, and it periodically checks the mirrors for updates.

Well, I don’t use GNOME, but I would expect that you can right-click the icon and change its settings there. :man_shrugging:


I am on XFCE and i actually want such popup but it is only working from time to time.
Generally speaking: you have the setting in pamac to auto check for updates or not, you have the startup process pamac-tray you can disable, or you can go in the tray settings and hide the icon.
But i think this is not what you ask.


Open the Add Remove Software application - go preferences and disable check for updates - or you could set it to notify once a week.

Remember to disable AUR as well so you do not get notification on script changes.

If you want to remove it completely - remove the mentioned package

sudo pacman -R pamac-gnome-integration

Thanks for your answers! I just did the last thing and deactivated it. I then didn’t get the nasty popup again while running updates

Thank you!

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