Dde-dock - set single instance failed! | after Update

did a Update
so now have: deepin-dock 5.5.67-2
after reboot no dock was startet…

Opened a Terminal an run: dde-dock

got this error:

$ dde-dock
Warning: force enable D_DXCB_FORCE_NO_TITLEBAR now!
load translate “/usr/share/dde-dock/translations/dde-dock_en_US”
Attribute Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling must be set before QCoreApplication is created.
No appenders assotiated with category dtk.dguihelper
[Info ] <> Process is started: pid= 2066 arguments= (“/usr/bin/dde-dock”, “-r”)
2022-10-24, 06:24:51.798 [Debug ] set single instance failed!

did a kill -9

then the dock came up

How to fix this ?