Dbus-broker remove

How to uninstall the dbus-broker ?
When I uninstall the dbus-broker, the system crashes the next time I start it.

Classic XY Problem: You’re asking about your attempted solution rather than your actual problem .This leads to enormous amounts of wasted time and energy, both on the part of people asking for help, and on the part of those providing help.

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I have managed it in the meantime.
Because the dbus-broker is now standard in other distributions and is supposed to offer a certain speed advantage, I installed it a few days ago for testing.
That was not a good idea. The speed advantage is zero and it causes problems in two or three corners.
For example plasma-tray-icon
Whoever wants to test or uninstall it.

systemctl --global disable dbus-broker.service
systemctl --user disable dbus-broker.service
systemctl --disable dbus-broker.service 

All 3 must !!! be set to disable. It took me several attempts.
systemctl status dbus
must be running.
Then (after a reboot and another check) you can uninstall dbus-broker.

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I’ve been using dbus-broker for more than 2 years and am curious: what problems exactly?
I cannot find a package plasma-tray-icon.

Hm. Well now I’m looking into it.
Do we think its worth augmenting the provides ? ala

EDIT … after gping ahead and installing dbus-broker … I guess not as the basic install still requires dbus itself.

hello weingeist,

always remember to mask the service. otherwise the service can be enabled again with a future update. masking a service prevebts that a service can be enabled with an update.

systemctl mask dbus-broker.service
Jun 06 14:06:29 systemd[1290]: Failed to start /usr/bin/pamac-tray-plasma

The error probably has nothing to do with dbus-broker. As I suspected. dbus-broker is gone the error is still there

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