Dbeaver does not start on launch - reference to arch linux issue

There is an error regarding starting the application dbeaver in manjaro KDE.
I will attach the error log file.

To me it appears to be related to the following issue
arch linux issue tracker
And in reference to the following github issue:
github issue reference

Using the command provided in the archlinux issue tracker, seems to fix the issue (update java openjdk version >= 11)

archlinux-java set java-11-openjdk

Not sure if this helps out on some other user.

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Thanks for the post, it helped me solve my issue so I will try to clarify it a bit so that it might help others too.

Issue: After fresh installation of ‘dbeaver’, opening from gui gives an error:

version 1.8.0_xxx of the jvm is not suitable for this product

It says that java version should be >= 11

Even after installing latest version of java, the error remains, when you use the following command to check java version:
java -version
you see the version is listed as something like:
version 1.8.0_292

Install latest jdk if not already installed (it might work with the default version that comes with Manjaro too).
Check the directory /usr/lib/jvm to list out the versions
Assuming you have java-17-jdk installed
use the command like:

sudo archlinux-java set java-17-jdk

You should now be able to open dbeaver. Hope this helps.

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