DBeaver Community Edition Upgrade

Fully updated Manjaro did a pamac update of DBeaver Universal Database Tool from 22.0.4 to 22.1.2 The new update displays the splash screen, but then hangs on the opening screen of the first table. It takes 5+ minutes for this app to be usable on each startup. Not acceptable. The prior release took 9-10 seconds to display the same 12,000-row table of data in a SQLite3 DB.

Using pacman -Syu dbeaver appeared to satisfactorily install the new (10 JUL 22) release but it did the 5-minute hang on startup also. Interestingly, this new release is not a problem in EndeavourOS.

18 July 2022

Hello @Lifecoachrandy, welcome to MANJARO community.
I’ve seen your posting here and checked my system: I have DBeaver 22.1.2 running here and it starts as usual within several seconds. But querying a table of 20.000+ records takes several minutes instead of seconds with the previous version. Smaller table with 1.000 or 2.00 records are fine.
So this is to confirm the issue you described
Starting this DBeaver-version for the first time, it offered UPdates for the postgres-drivers and I installed these. Did you allow these UPdates?

i think the said performance issues have been addressed in 22.1.3 released yesterday.

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Thank you, MANJARO Update 20220807 delivered dBeaver and the issue is gone!