DB Browser for SQLITE (sqlitebrowser) version update

Would any of you know if the Manjaro team has plans to update DB Browser for SQLITE in the official repositories from the version currently offered (ver 3.11.2-2) to the latest available version (3.12.0). The developers of that application made huge progress in 3.12, which they released June 16.


Seems its Flagged out-of-date at Arch too. Maybe the update breaks some features or is incompatible with arch packaging.

We have no plans to update it, we are waiting for it to be updated by Arch so we don’t need to. Are there compelling reasons to expedite the update?

Thanks for your answers, guys. While for me that’s a very important application, I realize that may not be the case for most, so, no, I cannot say there are compelling reasons to expedite the update, at least that I am aware of, just wishful thinking on my part.