DAZ3D on Manjaro?

I was using this application years ago to create my own Content and while I enjoyed it at the time, I quit playing with it due it’s learning curve and that the Content Manager that was introduced with an Upgraded version of DAZ3D to manage Add On Packs to the program. Which didn’t work With Linux under Wine.

Well that and I needed the SSD that Windows was on for Steam Linux games…

I found this to enable the Application to fully work under Win using Debian based Distros:
I just need to adapt this to Manjaro and is their anything I need to do?

Here is DAZ3D:

Actually if there is Linux Native Replacement for DAZ3D that can use DAZ3D and Poser content I rather use that.

Looks straightforward.

Just change apt-get install to pamac install :innocent:

Mac and Windows only. :sob: