Daylight Savings Time activated in Europe

Sunday morning at least two of my Manjaro machines jumped ahead one hour. Problem is, I’m in UTC+1 (Zuerich) timezone in Europe. For us this shift isn’t supposed to happen until the 31st. I have rebooted one of the machines, and it didn’t help. Both machines are configured correctly, with automatic time updates, and the hardware running UTC.

Probably not much help here but looks like you might need to temporarily use local time?

… This is another example of why this silly antiquated practice needs to be done away with. Nothing but confusion, disruption of sleep and all the wasted time re-setting clocks and timers. I think ours is on the 31st as well; another 3AM half-hour session adjusting them all.

What does this mean? ntpd ? systemd-timesyncd ? etc ?

If it happened 2 hours ago then something is very wrong. Not only did it change a week early it’s also supposed to happen at 2am.

I can only say it must be your machines. I am in Europe, time is correct. I have an analog clock to compare with. It doesn’t change automatically.

Only thing I can think of that messes up clock is booting to Windows since Windows doesn’t use UTC for some godly unknown reason.

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I use this method and my switch happened when expected;

US and Canada changed to Daylight Savings Time 10 March 2024
For Europe the change is not until 31 March 2024
Current Local Time in Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland

Check Manjaro Settings Manager > Time and Date to see time zone settings and date of next DST transition

All time zones are listed in manpage DateTime::TimeZone::Catalog(3pm)

Yes, that’s exactly what I have, and what I meant with time set automatically.

OK, I’ve figured it out. My zsh no longer likes TZ being set to “MET-1MEST”. I have to set it back to what it used to be in days of yore, namely, “Europe/Zurich”.

= echo $TZ ; date ; TZ=Europe/Zurich ; echo $TZ ; date
Mon Mar 11 09:38:52 AM MEST 2024
Mon Mar 11 08:38:52 AM CET 2024

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