Davinci Resolve Studio does not preview media correctly in preview window

Asus zephyrus g14 ryzen 5 4900 nvidia rtx 2060 laptop

Hello everyone, i have been pretty frustrated trying to get Davinci Resolve Studio to work correctly on my XFCE build here. When i try to unistall the current drivers thru the add remove software aur repo i get a message saying that it failed.so i cant seem to be able to unistall and reinstall the app. Not sure if this will fix the big problem i am having. The p

roblem is that DRS will not preview the media correctly. Whatever is there looks like a monet painting with severe color abberation which usually says there isnt enough VRAM. That cant be the case here though. Can some please help me? How can i post an output so i can show you my system and what is installed? Thanks in advance!!!


You are equivocating the mhwd-nvidia and mhwd-nvidia-470xx with the actual drivers. MHWD packages are not the drivers, are just the scripts that will facilitate to install the drivers and modules. Those are not to be removed, unless you want to drop the MHWD all together.

Please refer to Configure Graphics Cards - Manjaro

Thank you so kindly for the response! So u went to that link and it opens command lines as i saw briefly. Please excuse me, i am still a bit of a noob. So then what i primarily suspected is that the actual driver is not installed? So on that link, i should come across the correct command line to install the correct driver? If its ok can you or someone please help me ensure that i use the correct command line to do this? Thank you so much! Yes you were right, i wasnt sure how to differentiate which is which in reference to a driver!

If the CLI is a bit intimidating, you can use the Manjaro Settings Manager > Hardware and install the drivers from there. From what i gather, you are safe to use Auto Install Proprietary driver.
See more about it here Manjaro Settings Manager - Manjaro

Once you reboot, you should be able to use the dGPU with:
prime-run <application>
More about prime-run Configure Graphics Cards - Manjaro