DaVinci Resolve Studio 18.5 Upgrade Error

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Can someone help me with the error attached? I downloaded the current Windows ZIP file from Black Magic, but I still get the error. Since we do that with initial install, I thought it would work. It looks like it fails when it reviews the …Linux.zip file.

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This is the Manjaro Linux Forum. Are you lost? :wink:

In the future, please copy and paste the output instead of posting screenshots of text.

The issue has already been reported on the AUR page comments. You’ll either have to wait for the maintainer to update it or update the checksums yourself.

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When we install DRS, maybe you don’t know, we have to download the Windows ZIP to the download folder from BM, because the installer uses files from within the ZIP apparently. I thought maybe I had to follow the same workflow.

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Have you read the comments on the AUR package page? This seems promising: AUR (en) - davinci-resolve-studio

Some learning & work is required, some guidance:

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For those of us who don’t spend our day building packages, is there any way to get a response like “replace this line of code with this”? This would really help.



Sure, PM me what price you are willing to pay and I can investigate your problem and write you step-by-step guide.

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Screenshot shows failure to build davinci-resolve-studio 18.5.5-1

AUR currently has davinci-resolve-studio 18.6.0-3 but package has been flagged out-of-date (2023-10-06) due to release of v18.6.1

I suggest you wait for latest version to be released to AUR and try building package again

Send me a Flat Fee estimate and I will let you know. My day job involves web-based GIS application development, so I don’t need the most current version of DRS, but maybe.


Thank you for your response. It usually works after the second or third version is out, but this one seems to be taking longer than usual.

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