Davinci Resolve shortcut issue

I’ve installed Davinci Resolve Studio and everything seens to be working, but I’m having a little issue with the shortcuts.

The installation process create something that doens’t work right, the shortcut exist inside /usr/share/applications and ~/.local/share/application like text files (they open on GEDIT):


But they just doen’t show on GNOME application list when I press SUPER key or use the shortcut on DASH-TO-PANEL

The only way (that I know) until now is use the ‘/opt/resolve/bin/resolve’

Whats the fix for it?

Check it:

desktop-file-validate /usr/share/applications/com.blackmagicdesign.resolve.desktop

No idea what the command is supposed to do, but nothing changed. Icon still “missing” on menus

It should print wrong syntax errors/warnings and if nothing then everything should be good. Then please post the content here.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=DaVinci Resolve
GenericName=DaVinci Resolve
Comment=Revolutionary new tools for editing, visual effects, color correction and professional audio post production, all in a single application!
Exec=/opt/resolve/bin/resolve %u
Name[en_US]=DaVinci Resolve

For those who try to install RESOLVE or other application through AUR using YAY or similar helper and have icons under:


You can try to update the icon database with this command:

update-desktop-databae ~/.local/share/applications

This maybe can be helpfull, for more settings you can take a look at this documentation:

Desktop Entries - Arch Wiki

In my case, I’ve tryied to install Resolve through AUR using YAY, so icon has been created under my user folder, update the cache doesn’t fixed the problem, because YAY shortcut have different parameters than the shortcut of the install through PAMAC.

After it, I’ve reinstaled RESOLVE over the current install through PAMAC (again), and by some reason, itens has been created like it should since the beggining.

One I’ve shouldes tryied, but I don’t, its try to use the command in the system shortcut folder in my case:


Not sure if some changes in the default install like reinstall base-devel, update one thing or another helped or not.

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