Davinci Resolve dosn't open

Davinci resolve dosn’t open in logs I found

17.06.2024 22:32 plasmashell qt.svg.draw: The requested buffer size is too big, ignoring

Hey, I guess this is not directly related to DaVinci Resolve, but may be a symptom of a broader issue with your system’s graphics or display settings.

Launch DaVinci Resolve from Terminal: This might provide us with additional error messages or logs that can help identify the issue.

Check also Log for more details as well:

journalctl -u davinci-resolve.service -p err --since "2024-06-17 22:00:00"

To find all error entries of the current boot process and filter for entries containing qt.svg.draw:

journalctl -p err -b | grep "qt.svg.draw"

Also this post is very lame in information of your system. You want that we take some time to help but you do not consider taking time to give us all the info? Give some more details to your hardware please. Also check if there is some known problems with your hardware and graphics chip. I guess this is a driver/hardware problem more than specific manjaro/arch issue with Davinci.

What graphics interface do you use?