Davinci Resolve doesn't detect a GPU

I installed Davinci Resolve 18 from their site, and have the nonfree nvidia driver installed for a 3060. Rebooted and ran the program. The exact error is “Unsupported GPU processing mode.” It doesn’t detect a GPU at all. Ryzen cpu fwiw.

Why didn’t you try the version in the AUR? :arrow_down:

pamac build davinci-resolve

I’ll try that, thanks. Not sure which opencl driver to use though. Maybe 470?

Choose a provider for opencl-driver:
1:  opencl-mesa            23.0.3-1          extra
2:  opencl-nvidia          530.41.03-4       extra
3:  opencl-nvidia-390xx    390.157-6         extra
4:  opencl-nvidia-470xx    470.182.03-2      extra
5:  intel-compute-runtime  22.43.24595.30-2  community
6:  rocm-opencl-runtime    5.4.3-1           community

In any case of doubt, I’d try the generic one: opencl-nvidia. But if you have the proprietary driver installed, then best is of course to pick the one that matches the driver series.

Thanks. I tried 470xx. Building now. The nvidia settings app says the driver version is 530.41.03. If this doesn’t work I’ll try the generic one.

Then you should of course have picked opencl-nvidia. :grin:

Hehe gotcha. I’ll let this finish and if needed rebuild. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, installing opencl-nvidia and rebuilding did the trick. No more error. :smiley:

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