Data backup that doesn't create an image

Hello. I I’m looking for a program that can back up my hard drive. Everything I have found so far seems to create images and things like that. Is anyone aware of any program that will just plain copy everything from my main hard drive onto a backup hard drive, so there is no problem with images not working properly or anything like that? Does such a thing exist? I basically just want it to copy and paste everything from one hard drive to another on a regular basis so I don’t have to manually do it everyday. Thank you for your help. If it helps, I only need it to backup my files (documents, downloads, pics, vids). I don’t care about operating systems or programs.

Hi @82nate ,

I recommended and use rclone to backup to cloud. Perhaps this works for you, too.

I hope it helps,


backintime might work for you:

  • copies the files
  • will do versioning (different snapshots of your data reside in different folders)
  • de-duplicates files via hard-links (files that don’t change between snapshots are hard-linked, meaning that while they appear multiple times in the file system, there only exists one actual copy on the disk)