DasKeyboard Q Software working with Manjaro?

Hello good people, I Hope I picked the propper Tags for this.

Does anybody by chance own a keyboard from DasKeyboard and knows if their Q Software works with Manjaro?


I am interested in their model 4Q but would only go for it if I can actually benefit from their software, otherwise I would opt for a different model.

Their page just states Linux Support, but I was Not able to determin if they maybe Just Support Ubuntu and not Arch based distros…

Their download page clearly states that they are only offering .deb and .rpm packages, with the latter being untested even. I guess that much was to be expected already. :man_shrugging:

However, it must be your lucky day, because the latest version of the package is available from the AUR… :stuck_out_tongue:


pamac build das-keyboard-q


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Thanks, man and sorry for being so noob.
I used Ubuntu for quite some time, so I realized the .deb Ending, but was Not Sure If the .Rpm relates to Arch or Fedora or Opensuse or so…

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Arch andf Arch derivatives like Manjaro use .tar.zst packages (and .tar.xz earlier). :wink:

.rpm is used by RedHat/CentOS and Fedora, SUSE and openSUSE, Mageia, OpenMandriva, PCLinuxOS, et al, but they’re not guaranteed to be compatible between all of those distros. :slight_smile:

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