Dash to Dock Gnome Bug

Hello ,

I am using Gnome Version of Manjaro , but the extesions dash-to-dock is hidding automatic when i click to do some actions , the behavior is the screenshot. Anyone can help me to fix that ?

open gnome extensions application then go to that specfic extension’s setting and then you could try to fix it but there’s another extension called the applications menu, you can try that. Also as you very well know that docks leave unnecessary unused space which is totally wasted. so here’s that extension

btw which version of gnome you’re on?

Thanks for the help @Mmshukla21 , but enabling the extensions didnt workout. I`m using the version 42 of gnome. That behavior wasnt happening . I think some thing update or i install any software that make that behaviour to happen.

did you try to turn off auto hide or something in the dock settings?

Yeah i did try change all settings. If i set up in the dodge window option , to always show the dock. The behaviour dont happen . I think is some bug of Dash to dock, that dont recognize that the mouse is the dock area .

I’m curious what he @Mirdarthos has to say abt this but anyway this is one of the nicest forums in existence that I’ve came across and I’m pretty sure somebody would just show up like in a minute or two to help you out! (btw try kde its wayyyy better lol)

@Mmshukla21 its a problem of Gnome 42. Dash to dock isnt prepared to gnome 42 yet i think.

If I understand correctly, I think you need to disable the “intelligent autohide” option. then the dock will remain open all the time. I tested & it seems to work for me.
dash-to-dock version is 71

Try gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock 72-1 coming soon to a mirror near you.

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:point_up: basically what I’d say. But I know what works for me might not work for other people. But it’s OK. I’ve made peace that a broken brain can’t be fixed.

*dodges*runz away*

Whatever, man! If something works for you, it works!


Hello . Yeah if i disable autohide works. But i want that option and is broken

Even with version 72 works. I think the extesions wont work anymore since the maintainer not upgrading anymore. Maybe manjaro have to dock what ubuntu did with the dock in version 22.04