Dash to Dock + Dash to Panel

I’m trying to use them together but the problem is, on start-up, Dash to Dock doesn’t work. I have to restart Dash to Dock every time.

I tried turning them both off and turn them on one-by-one:
If I start Dash to Dock first, before Dash to Panel, they work perfectly until I reboot.
If I start Dash to Panel first, before Dash to Dock, Dash to Dock doesn’t work.

It seems that during start-up Dash to Panel turns on before Dash to Dock. Is there a way to make them work together or is there maybe a way to make sure that Dash to Dock turns on first?

in dash to panel > fine tune, enable ‘keep original gnome-shell dash’
that does ther trick for me, at least i think that was the setting i changed.
ive got both running nicely here

Awesome! It appears to have worked! Thanks!

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