Dash panel overlapping with windows after sleep

Hi, I’m having a minor but annoying issue, where applications often overlap with my top menu (I am using Dash to Panel) after my device goes to sleep and wakes up. Happens to whichever application is on the foreground before suspending. It happens pretty much every time I sleep by closing the laptop lid, but not if I manually suspend. I should mention that I use a 1.15 scaling factor with gnome tweaks.

It appears to be a bug with some routine that runs slightly after waking up to properly resize windows and fit to the screen, taking into account the panel size. Sometimes I see the resizing happen and it works without overlaps. Locking and unlocking the desktop fixes it every time, that’s one example where I can see the panel loading with a slight overlap, and then almost immediately adjusting the window size correctly under the panel, so maybe it’s some sort of race condition.

I’d appreciate some suggestions on how to fix this, as I couldn’t find anything online. Thanks.


No overlap: