Darktable 3.4 package update

Anyone know when darktaable version 3.4 will leave the Stable Staging branch and get put in the official repository? I could really use some of the new features, and have been hesitant to install from the AUR. Thanks in advance.

The answer you’ll get for any questions regarding when a package makes it to stable will typically be:

It’ll get into stable when it gets into stable. There isn’t a time frame for packages being pushed to Stable.

Only packages that gets fast tracked gets pushed to Stable asap.

You can use pacman -U <url> to pull the package from a different repo and install it if you’d like. Some people do that. Though it could have dependency issues.

Thanks for your answer. So how does a package get fast tracked? Is the decision made by committee, or is one individual responsible. I’m not trying to be smug, just trying to understand the situation as it affects me. I’ve seen the new darktable 3.4 in several other distros for several weeks, and tested it, and am beginning to think I might not have chosen the best distro for my needs. While I’ve generally been happy with Manjaro, it seems that a lot more emphasis has been on updating kernels, video drivers and libraries than applications. Again, I’m focused on one specific application, and am probably expressing a minority view.

Usually only programs that can have bad security vulnerabilities get fast tracked, such as web browsers.

You can always swap to the testing branch instead.

Yes, because you have to understand, every app in our repo has to be tested against all of the libraries, dependencies, and make sure everything works, and then they all get pushed to stable in bulk. We have more than just one application in our repo. Programs would be able to get pushed to stable faster if there were more testers and maintainers.

I did give you this other solution above as well, if you want to stay in stable, but want a newer version of a package.

Alternatively, use the flatpak version.

Alternatively, use darktable-git from AUR.

I may install the AUR version. I’ve tested it on a VM, and it worked.

The flatpak lacks some functionality provided by lua scripts, so that’s a no go.

I may just wait it out.