Dark Theme not dark everywhere

Hello Manjalorians.
Something happens that my Dark mode not everywhere is dark. I think it changed after last update, is it possible or I broke something by changing Themes?


By using Breeze Application Style and GTK theme with an updated dark color-schemes, do you have the same issue? With some GTK4 applications there are still some inconsistencies tho, due the use of libadwaita, but Pamac, as shown in the screenshot, will follow it.

I apply Breeze Dark Theme and it doesn’t change at all. I’m pretty sure there was no problem with dark mode before last Manjaro updates.

He said Application Style GTK theme, type GTK in the search box and you 'll see the relevant button :wink:

He said Breeze Application Style and GTK theme, I do both and it doesn’t help :wink:

Restart Pamac then, as you need to for the GTK style to be applied.

We all have Pamac in Dark theme, for the one who use Dark theme and who configured Dark GTK style.

//EDIT: using Adwaita-Dark in Appearance → Application Style → Configure GTK Style button

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Hello guys, thanks for your answers, I went to default Theme and was changing themes and app styles, and other settings, and ones after reboot everything goes correct :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t know which setting worked when I make a lot of changes but glad it’s ok now :smile:

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