Dark Mode in XFCE with gtk?

How do I use GTK+ to make default system theme dark?

im am noob very dum

If i remember correctly, the default GTK theme on Manjaro is Matcha-sea. Then its dark variant would be Matcha-dark-sea, and AFAIK is already installed. So you would only need to change the main theme and the window manager theme.

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That’s correct. If you go into Settings > Appearance > Style & select Matcha-dark-sea, it will give you a dark mode. Personally I like the Adwaita look, so you could always download the Adwaita themes & choose the dark option. Hopefully you get sorted…:slight_smile:

PS, welcome to Manjaro!!!

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I’m comfortable using Greybird-Dark theme:

Thanks for being so helpful!

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Pleasure. Enjoy the adventure :slight_smile: