Czech language pack problem with installation

Hello Everyone,

This is my second post in this community. I’m amazed by this Linux distribution.

Anyway I’ve encountered an issue with adding Czech language pack into the system. I’ve already installed EN_US by default and PL and I’d like to use CZ, too.
Could anyone help me how to deal with that?

I’d like to add screen shots from my configuration, but I got an error that I can’t add any multimedia files in this post.

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Thank you @Aragorn. It solved the issue.

By the way in section Spell Check I have default language polish what is fine, but I also see American English (United States) and American English (United States) [large] what is the difference and how can I hide or remove one of them?

I think the “large” one supports non-ASCII characters, but I’m not sure. There’s no need to remove anything, though. :wink:

ok, cheers!

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