Custom Screensaver in KDE (Specifically ElectricSheep)

Trying to apply a screensaver to KDE specifically ElectricSheep. I have ElectricSheep running and working just fine on KDE, and I have Xscreensaver working just fine also with its lock screen.

I am not fond of the Xscreensaver lock tho, its old and blocky…

I would like to not use Xscreensaver at all but instead insert ElectricSheep as a lock screen option in the Workspace / Screen Locking section of KDE System Settings. So when my screen locks ElectricSheep runs but when unlocked I am prompted with the standard KDE lock screen that is beautiful.

I would prefer not to run a script on lock and instead somehow integrate Electricsheep into the KDE lock screen.

I did some googling and found out that the screenlock files are in this directory:
but they are all .qml files… I don’t know anything about .qml…

So I figured I would ask if there is a way to somehow run ElectricSheep. Maybe import the ElectricSheep program into KDE lock screen?

EDIT: I was going to try this but the .desktop file is not available to download:

Or some other option that I am not aware of…

Any suggestions i could try would be great!

Nah, not possible: It’s all or nothing with XScreenSaver and in the future, it’ll stop working on Wayland anyway… What the user did over here was to create a .desktop file that shows electric sheep when you double-click that file, not being called from the existing KDE 4 screen saver (let alone 5)