Custom Partition Install closes up the session and kicks me off to Login Screen

I-m trying to install Manjaro along with MacOS on my 2019 Intel Core i7 13in Macbook Pro that I just purchased, I notice that my keyboard, trackpad and wifi did not work but found some posts about some drivers needed and got excited to jump from my previous full time laptop: a 2011 13in Macbook Pro running Ubuntu 22.10. I even had the chance of installing Manjaro Budgie on a friends Chromebook and help him setting it up to look as much as MacOS as we could and had a blast in the process. Anyways, after that chromebook was ready, I was eager to do the same on my macbook, to my surprise I set up everything, I set the partitions like this>
sda1 // 300 Mb // FAT32 // mount /boot/efi // Flag boot
sda2 // 120 GB // MacOS Partition
sda3 // 130 GB // ext4 // mount /
sda4 // 250 GB // ext4 // mount /home

After clicking on Install, I get a black screen for a couple of seconds, then out of the sudden I am at the live login screen, I enter manjaro as password and I am back at square one, no changes made, no installation made.

What could be possibly be happening here?

disregard - I just deleted the post
I misunderstood you and it was not helpful
and I can’t help for lack of experience with Apple hardware

Maybe I did not explain correctly.

I boot as normal as always, get to the desktop, then I click on the Install button.
I set up everything as I mentioned, click on install and it kicks me out of the session, installs nothing and then I am at login screen, as a matter of fact, this is the first time I see a live’s login screen. Now, something important to highlight is that I am not being booted to login screen, because the macbook is not rebooting, it just closes the session.

No problem man! Thanks anyways. Have you ever heard of anything of the sort happening to anyone? regardless if they were macbook users or not.

It could have to do with secure boot or other UEFI firmware settings - but that is just speculation.

I ended up installing EndevourOS, it turns out installing Manjaro on T2 Macbook Pro is deprecated and unsupported leaving you on your own without wifi, keyboard, mouse and audio. So… yeah.

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