Custom Keyboard layout

Hello world.

I tried to add a custom non-official keyboard layout. ( Plazma is what I’m on ). But I had no success.
You see, while I was using Win**ws there was no official keyboard layout for Bosnian Cyrillic ( don’t mix it up with Serbian Cyrillic, this one is called Bosančica and officially can’t be downloaded ). However, some dude made a .ttf and I simply imported that “font” as a keyboard layout and used it with no problems whatsoever.
How do I do that on Manjo Plazma?

I really need your answers for it is a great emergency.
Thank you in advance.


In Settings > Input devices > Keyboard > Layouts you add Bosnian and chose the Variant that better works for your keyboard


I think you ignored everything I wrote. How can this help me to import custom keyboard layout? As I said, I’m not looking for Serbian Cyrillic, I’m trying to import Bosanica. The thing you showed me is Serbian Cyrillic.
But thanks for trying.

It writes clearly Bosnian … There is nothing about Serbian in my screenshot. Bosnian = Bosančica = ba
With all the available variants.

Are you sure you didn’t misunderstood my comment, and how you chose the variants in KDE Plasma?

There is a difference between Bosnian and Serbian layout in KDE Plasma as i see them.

If you let the default Bosnian > English then you will have only the Serbo-Croatian (US) variant, but that is not what i said you to chose.

It says Bosnian, yes. But it’s writing in Serbian Cyrillic. No matter if you choose Serbian, Croatian or Bosnian, it’s still gonna be Serbian Cyrillic unless you choose Latin. There isn’t official keyboard and the thing you found is not bosančica. ( Even your screenshots are proving that exactly ). The things on the keyboard aren’t bosančica, Bosnian Latin and Serbian Latin are the same thing. Bosnian Cyrillic and Serbian Cyrillic aren’t in a real world, but in PC world they are. Give that , Bosnian " keyboard a ride and you’ll clearly see either Latin or Serbian Cyrillic. It won’t be bosančica.
I asked how to manually add a custom keyboard, that’s it.

This is how it is supposed to look.
So, is there a way to import custom ttf like in windows? If so, thank youuuu. :heart::heart::heart:

Yeah, i didn’t look at all variants. If there is none Cyrillic then you will have to learn everything about it

and create your own /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/custom
or inside ~/.xkb/symbols/custom
with keys and symbols. geometry and made them Cyrillic.
Maybe somebody else has more information and gives you the right direction.

Hey, your reply is a start. Thanks. :grin: