Custom Keyboard layout, Key mapping & Fcitx5 - I want to toggle between multiple layouts with the homepage key

My issues

  1. I put my custom made keyboard layout on a custom language,
    my own created conlang.
    And add that to /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/evdev.xml
    However that keep being replaced on every keyboard language update. What to do about that?

  2. Homepage button brings me to the homepage on any of my browsers.

  3. I’d like to at least toggle between more than two language.

What I want

Press the homepage button,
which I never use to get to the homepage,

and then either it toggles between languages,
or listens to hotkey combinations like so:

Homepage + k = My custom layout
Homepage + j = Japanese input
Homepage + c = Chinese input

What I have

Fcitx5 - 3 langagues
Custom dvorak keyboard layout
Japanese input
Chinese input

A custom made keyboard layout that support
a lot of European diacritics, which like a dvorak+ to me.

I heard Fcitx5 is buggy. Can you try to use Fcitx4?

The people at Arch Linux are saying fcitx is in maintenance mode and one should use fcitx5 instead.

I also don’t think I have any isues with Fcitx(5) itself,
more that I’m having issues with how to use it.