Custom graphics login selector xfce4

Hey there,
Just finished setting up a laptop with optimus and pci passthrough of GPU. I feel like a a proper linuxer now although very much a noob. Work amazing and I am super grateful to all the people who have posted stuff in this forum!!!

I have 2 use cases:

  1. data analysis and coding (2 screens mode) so this needs Nvidia for the second screen
  2. GPU passthrough through KVM to windows VM. (Output monitor Windows and laptop monitor Manjaro)

I switch between these quite a lot so I was wondering if it would be possible to add a custom button to the login screen of XFCE (I used XFCE+i3 but not sure if this is relevant). This would run the integrated or dedicated gpu scrips from optimus so I do not need to login and out 2 times.

Would be interested in login screen custom buttons/utilities in any case even outside this.
Any idea welcome!

Thank you!


Not quite as you want it, but if your BIOS has a GPU on/off switch, then this might be also helpful

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