Custom Compose Key Sequence in Plasma

I was searching for this information when I found: [PART 2] How to operate ~/.XCompose with QT applications?

Here is what I did to get this working. I am on Manjaro, x86, Plasma.

Add the following to your environment. (Mine is in .bashrc.)


Run the following:

touch ~/.XCompose

Add your custom keycodes to .XCompose. Here is mine:

# Import Default Rules
include "%L"

# Custom Semitic
<Multi_key> <h> <period>         : "ḥ" # Lowercase Ḥeth
<Multi_key> <H> <period>         : "Ḥ" # Uppercase Ḥeth

Then restart or reopen your GUI application.

The only other thing I did in testing this was run the following command, but it made no difference from what I can tell.

setxkbmap -option compose:capslock

Here’s how I’ve done it… :arrow_down: