Custom Brother printer driver package no ppd file

I have a Brother MFC-5860CN and I couldn’t find any driver for it on the AUR, so I decided to create my own packages following this guide. But after I installed my packages using makepkg -i the KDE printer configuration wizard couldn’t find the driver. I rebooted my computer thinking the CUPS daemon had to be restarted but still the wizard couldn’t find the driver, so I ran sudo find / -name "*mfc*.ppd" and got nothing. That means the package didn’t install a ppd file, so is there any other way I could get this printer working on Manjaro? Thanks in advance :slight_smile: .

There is the driver brother-mfc-5460cn version 1.0.1-1 in AUR and supports your printer “MFC-5860cn”, because both drivers are the same in the official website.

Thanks, @Zesko, but may I know why my driver didn’t work. Here are my drivers.

Compare the brother-mfc-5460cn PKGBUILD with yours. :wink:

Is it just that complicated because he used a rpm, or it is because I’m a complete noob at package creating :exploding_head:. Also what was I missing?

DEB’s are designed for Debian, Ubuntu, etc. and RPMs are designed for Fedora / Red Hat, etc. Sometimes paths or files need to be modified to adapt to Arch package standards.

Please compare again …

you have used the .deb file
the PKGBUILD from AUR uses the .rpm version
There is no difference in content, just in the method used to unpack the archive to get at the contents - and perhaps different paths
(different systems use different locations sometimes)

The most important and most obvious is:
you have used only one of actually two archives - the “cupswrapper”
The actual driver (which also contains the ppd’s) is missing.

additionally, you didn’t adjust the paths to what they need to be on a Manjaro/Arch system
instead you simply took the archive and unpacked it
to /usr/local/… instead of to /usr/share/…

Sorry - I messed up the languages in my head!
… now there is an english and a german version …

Vergleiche doch bitte nochmal …
Du hast das .deb file genommen
das PKGBUILD im AUR verwendet die .rpm Version
Einen Unterschied im Inhalt gibt es da nicht, nur in der Methode, das Archiv zu entpacken und womöglich unterschiedliche Pfade.

Aber das wichtigste und offensichtlichste ist:
Du hast nur eins von zwei benötigten Archiven benutzt - den cupswrapper
Der eigentliche Treiber (zu dem auch die ppd’s gehören) fehlt Dir.

außerdem hast Du die Pfade nicht angepasst, sondern nur einfach das Archiv nach /usr/local/… entpackt - anstatt nach /usr/share/…

If you check my archive, I have two directories, one has the cupswrapper one has the lpr driver.

but the lpr “driver” is not important here
you use cups

have a look at the linked PKGBUILD for the (probably actually working) driver from the AUR

see what they used
and how they used it
and adapted it to Arch/Manjaro

You are missing something.

I didn’t fully debug this - didn’t go to the vendor’s site
downloaded what they offer
and analyzed it

but this is what you should do
when creating a PKGBUILD - or wanting to install a driver that the manufacturer supplied in an alien format

Yeah, I analyzed the deb file and found out what I did wrong. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:.

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