Custom boot splash


Im using Manjaro Gnome on the Radxa Zero and I want to install a custom boot splash. There are some videos on YouTube who shows that you can set a image and a gif for the boot splash. But the commands in the videos didn’t work for me.
So is there a way to install a boot splash theme? I only get console output when booting.

I’d start here:

Plymouth - ArchWiki

There are a few themes from which to choose.

and then, if they are not good enough, from the available themes to choose from, dig a bit deeper on how the themes are constructed
in order to create your own.

Thanks. That helped me to understand how this works.
I found out that Plymouth is already installed. But when I boot there are some console outputs. Then the Manjaro logo shows with a loading gif. I also found out how to change this logo. But I don’t found out how to avoid the console output which is coming first.

That will always come until the Plymouth module kicks in.
I think it just appears for very few seconds right? Then it starts the Plymouth where you can see manjaro logo and loading wheel.

The two kernel options quiet and systemd.show_status=0 will stop most (if not all) output during boot and shutdown.

Yes thats exactly the way it boots.

Where can I set these settings?

Inside extlinux.conf file Under /boot/extlinux/

Good luck

The quiet option was already set. I added the systemd.show_status=0 option. But it still doesn’t work.
I added it to the APPEND initrd option. Do I have to write it extra or do I have to recompile the config or what am I doing wrong?