Custom actions in Dolphin?

In Thunar under Manjaro XFCE it is easy.

Here is example of extracting audio from video file.

How to make a set of custom actions in Dolphin under Manjaro KDE?

Hi @Sergei1,

I’m thinking this will help you:



Thanks, I will read it.
Can you tell how to configure GwenView in the same way – to make a set of actions for images? For example, to flip the image, to make it grayscale, to upload it.

There is a manual:

You can add more services under contextual menu by first searching in “Download New Services”

If you search for words like “image”, “rotate” or “flip” you will find good services, for example “ReImage” adds


This may be useful, or a merry goose chase; I’m not sure which:

Additionally, Dolphin plugins might already exist to achieve whatever you have in mind.

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For this, I would thoroughly recommend using context menu to open SoundConverter (if compatible, go with Opus for ‘lossless’ transparency of sound at the best size) with easy options to create subfolders, rip to a separate folder/same folder as input file/delete original etc.

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