Currently, the 'Total CPU Use' widget doesn't display total GPU usage correctly

Currently, the ‘Total CPU Use’ widget doesn’t display total GPU usage correctly. It used to work in the past, trying new Manjaro 22, it seems to be broken and is always on 0%, which is not correct. Seems like something got disconnected.

This happens with NVIDIA 3090.

You don’t need to install new releases - if you keep your system up-to-date - you are on the new release long before the ISO is rebuild.

The ISO is just a snapshot.

What do you mean?


good to know that i don’t need to install new release, just update. But I keep moving between different linux distros. (curiosity)

In your snapshot you are looking at CPU usage. Try to add ‘GPU usage’ and see that it is broken as of now and always on 0.

By the way, this happens not only in the KDE widget, but also in System Monitor. GPU usage is always on 0% even though it isn’t 0%