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I was thinking about testing KDE 5.27 to see if this issue is fixed 460341 – On X11 with proprietary NVIDIA GPU drivers, external monitor disabled after reboot or wake-from-sleep and I thought KDE Unstable/Git packages would be on that version, but it seems current KDE-Unstable packages are on 5.26.4 version, same as normal repositories version.

Is it me who thought wrong, or is it this repository that is late to the party?

Did you check the “About This System” section of System Settings after installing it?
This will show 5.26.80 (which is git masters current version).

The package versions are just the current release + commits from master branch, as version 5.27 has not been tagged yet.

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I didn’t install anything as I saw from repository that it is still on 5.26 version and I’m looking for 5.27. I will wait then if this is normal.

It is what 5.27 is going to have so far…

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I’m looking for these changes Multi Screen | Mart that may fix the issue with kscreen and dual monitors.

Plasma 5.27 doesn’t exist yet. You are referencing changes that should become a part of 5.27 after it’s release.
5.26.4.r<number of commits> from kde-unstable contains all changes made after 5.26 release so they will be a part of 5.27 including one you linked. So kde-unstable versions should be the right thing for you to test.

Hope I explained this clearly :slight_smile:


OK I will test it then, I was confused about the versioning as some talk about 5.27 for these changes.

That’s because 5.27 is the first release where these changes will be present.

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