Current LibreOffice Writer Unusable - Character Cursor Disappears?


Using Manjaro KDE with the "Testing branch.
Current LibreOffice Writer is unusable - the character cursor disappears?

Any ideas?


what is current?


and searching didn’t help you? Search results for 'testing libreoffice' - Manjaro Linux Forum

That link was rather unhelpful

Depends on what your goal is: is switching to libreoffice-still an option?
Did you try safe mode:

$ libreoffice --safe-mode

Another user experienced problems lately and fixed those be resetting their libreoffice config:

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By starting in --safe-mode and doing a Factory Reset I managed to get Writer working again.

you mean you tried what the user did in the 3rd link and it still didn’t work?

Starting in “Safe Mode” and factory reset solved the issue in Writer, thanks!