Current Best ARM SBC Desktop Experience?

Which ARM SBC currently gives the best desktop experience in terms of performance?

I’m considering leaving an ARM SBC at my in-laws’ house, so I don’t have to take my laptop with me when I visit. My current laptop is a Pinebook Pro, so a ROCKPro64 would be equivalent. I was just wondering whether there was anything better?

Odroid N2+ (Bit Expensive depending on where you’re at)
Ugoos AM6 Plus(Looks like a set top box and is cheaper than other s922x baords.)
Khadas Vim3 (Bit expensive than other s922x boards coz it have NPU)

ROCKPro64 ofcourse but all the above have good support at Manjaro ARM project and also have better CPU and GPU.


Tempted by the Khadas VIM3 because of the NVMe slot. Alternatively, waiting for the RK3588 looks like it might be the best option.

Yes this is exciting soc, until Amlogic released something with similar specs.
But for these to mature and have stable support we will have to wait for long time :smiley:

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