Curl has problems with self-signed certificates since March-16

On our Linux machine based on Manjaro we have serious problems accessing our Git server with self-signed certificates since the March-16th update. It is following bug: OpenSSL host verification + hostname in certificate CN only seems broken in 7.82.0 · Issue #8559 · curl/curl · GitHub
I’m not experienced enough to switch to a previous curl version or build an own one (and restore the system one later) and I don’t have control over the self-signed certificates. Hence, my only hope is that the Manjaro team soon might provide a fix for the missing else in the curl code.

Not even Arch has such a patched version, so i don’t think it is coming soon enough for you.

I see two (temporary) options:

I do suggest you make a system backup before proceeding.

Thanks. I’ve installed downgrade and ran
$ sudo downgrade curl
which seems to have done the trick.

The latest update to curl 7.83.1 fixes this problem without the need to downgrade it.

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