Curl 8.1.0-1 is not working with github

The update to curl 8.1.0-1 is not working with github.
Please update to the working 8.1.1-2.
The testing repository of Arch Linux contains an updated curl-8.1.1-2.

Manual copy to /usr does the job.


What isn’t working?

One should never copy or overwrite files in the root filesystem.

Patience is a virtue. Neither Arch stable nor Manjaro unstable has it yet.

The long story is shown in the attached link. The short story is that the synchronization with a remote Git repository is not possible. So github is currently no longer usable for me. I like to overwrite files in the root system either by copy or compiling a fixed version than to wait indefinitely for a solution.

git push origin main:main

This ends in a time-out with curl 8.1.0-1:

error: RPC failed; HTTP 408 curl 18 HTTP/2 stream 7 was reset
send-pack: unexpected disconnect while reading sideband packet
fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly

With curl 8.1.1-2 there are no problems as also shown in the attached link.

curl 8.1.0-1 has a bug urlapi: allow numerical parts in the host name by bagder · Pull Request #11131 · curl/curl · GitHub
the Arch repo updated to 8.1.2-1
so, manjaro need to upgrade newest version for fix bug. please

You can test this bug


expect result: get your IP.

error result: curl: (3) URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL

I think it’s a good idea to push the latest curl 8.1.2 to stable since 8.1.0 has/had some regressions. This is the reason why Daniel Stenberg pushed 2 patch releases.